Purpose of this page

This page is intended to allow users connected to Government Networks to quickly verify that they have access to specific areas of the network. 

You have reached the public facing version of this website.  This indicates that your DNS is NOT correctly configured. Please see below.

This page shows a screenshot of this website when all servcies are correctly configured.

Please contact Ken Barclay at 01-6045018 or at gn@gov.ie with any queries.

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Agencies connected to Government Networks should ensure that their internal DNS servers forward non-local lookups to and This ensures that they can access applications and services deployed on Government Networks.  The image below relies on a DNS lookup to display.

Reaching this page means that although you may have a working Government Networks connection you may not be able to access services deployed on the private VLANs such as services and interagency.


DNS is not configured correctly